NRF 2024: Scenera and Wachter Announce Strategic Collaboration for Hybrid Cloud Solutions to Transform the Future of Retail

by | Jan 14, 2024 | News, Press

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Scenera’s MAIstro revolutionizes facility management and AI-driven data to enhance efficiency and intelligence of retail and commercial spaces

Palo Alto, CA (January 14, 2024)
—In a strategic alliance, Scenera, and Wachter are driving data-driven business transformation through edge-to-cloud AI topology management and will showcase Scenera’s MAIstro solutions during NRF 2024, the National Retail Federation’s flagship industry event, taking place January 14-16, 2024 in New York City. 

Wachter, an essential collaboration and integrator partner, will highlight Scenera’s MAIstro platform and how they together focus on evolving retail facility management and AI-driven data analytics. The partnership reflects the two companies’ joint commitment to delivering cutting-edge, customer-centric solutions to enhance the efficiency and intelligence of retail and commercial facilities management.

Sceneras’ MAIstro is stacked to address the unique challenges retail businesses face. Key business benefits of its solutions include real-time monitoring and predictive maintenance of store appliances, comprehensive energy management for store equipment and streamlined maintenance processes. The platform also offers AI-driven data that empowers retailers to make insightful decisions that enhance overall business performance and operational efficiencies.

The collaboration aims to provide a more efficient solution for U.S. retailers by implementing a seamless service that can transform retail operations and generate data-rich insights. Both companies are excited to revolutionize the industry by overcoming the challenges of gathering accurate and relevant data from diverse APIs, protocols, and formats. Ultimately, the collaboration provides a streamlined solution for retailers to access valuable insights that can improve their operations., offering personalized and cost-effective data-driven energy-saving and efficient retail store operation.

Addressing unique challenges faced by retail businesses, MAIstro’s platform and Wachter aim to provide always-on real-time monitoring and predictive maintenance of store appliances with the integration of event-driven data through EnergyScene, MaintenanceScene and event SceneMarks. EnergyScene records appliances’ temperatures, power usage, lighting and signage usages for comprehensive energy management utilizing advanced machine learning capabilities for individual stores, while MaintenanceScene captures appliance statuses and conditions to store in the cloud data lake where advanced AI analytics can be applied to current and historical data, streamlining maintenance processes. Additionally, SceneMarks aids in operations by detecting any unusual video images occurring in facilities, including refrigerator doors left open, customer slips and falls and even count of people waiting at cashiers. These types of AI-driven data empower retailers to make insightful decisions, elevating overall business performance and customer satisfaction.

This collaboration, backed by Microsoft and S&I Corp., has been successfully implemented in commercial SaaS products at major retail businesses, including over 15,000 GS25 retail convenience stores in South Korea. They saw a transformative shift in energy cost saving and streamlined maintenance operations by 10% savings in energy cost and 17% reduction in AS calls. As the system integrators, S&I Corporation—a total building solution provider and space management expert with unrivaled level of technology—plays an integral role in remote management of these retail stores.

Check out the informative video at Wachter’s booth #4875 to show how Scenera’s MAIstro AIoT is transforming retail operations by revolutionizing facility management through AI-driven data and enhancing the efficiency of retail and commercial spaces.

Wachter, Inc. for decades has been at the forefront of providing top-notch IT solutions across the nation. As a leading IT solutions integrator, Wachter has garnered unparalleled expertise in the field of technology. Wachter’s engineers and project managers leverage our nationwide W-2 workforce of technicians to converge electrical, data, security, and automation into intelligent building systems. With our proven track record of excellence, we are committed to providing our clients with the best-in-class IT solutions.

As a No.1 total building solution provider in Korea, S&I Corp. promptly detects and responds to facility management issues such as power outage, leakage, fires, and equipment abnormality through its Integrated Operational Center (IOC). Also, the company has established remote control services enabling optimal building management based on real-time monitoring data of buildings and its sites across the country. It is expected that S&I Corp.’s remote control service will be further developed with the company’s new AI-based building management system.

Scenera is forging a new standard data platform for the AIoT industry, by combining an open and flexible architecture with an intelligent scene-based data pipeline. The result is a paradigm shift from simple streaming data to rich scene data information that enables new and powerful analytical capabilities. For more information, please visit


For Wachter:
Shannan Bieler 
Marketing Director 

For Scenera:
Lydia You