Strategic Alliance Between Scenera and S&I Corp. Sparks Synergies in Joint Product Development and GTM Strategies

by | Feb 13, 2024 | News, Press

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Bringing together S&I’s experience and expertise in facility management and Scenera’s data management service, supported by Microsoft, collaboration is poised to make significant impacts on global facility management market

Palo Alto, CA & Seoul, South Korea (January XX, 2024) Scenera, specializing in AIoT data orchestration from edge to cloud with its AI Topology Management, and S&I Corp., a leading provider of total building solutions and renowned experts in space management in Korea, together announce their business collaboration, signaling another notable milestone in their ongoing successful partnership to advance co-branded facility management solutions across various industries. Leveraging innovative cloud-based AI technology and services on Microsoft Azure, they are set to deliver cutting-edge solutions that enhance data-driven facility and retail operations worldwide.

S&I Corp. has managed office buildings, data centers and factories of LG Group affiliates since 1975, providing comprehensive real estate management services including budget establishment, lease management and facility management tasks such as building security, energy management, maintenance, interior design and recently EV parking installation and management.

“The potential for the FM industry is poised to achieve significant advancements through the integration of digital technologies such as Big Data and generative AI, “ said Won Joon Hyung, CEO of S&I Corp.. “These technologies can be applied to building security, energy management, maintenance, and EV parking, creating additional value that goes beyond the traditional scope of building life cycle activities.”  Under the new brand name ‘SANDI,’ S&I Corp. aims to establish a dynamic organizational culture that embraces design thinking and agility, enabling the identification and enhancement of customer needs. This approach will pave the way for a new era of digital innovation within the industry.

Solving customer’s key pain points

Many customers and clients today have made significant tech investments to improve and enhance business operations, but often experience pain points such as:

  • Impactful ROI on prop-tech capital
  • Staffing cost and customer loyalty
  • Operational expenses—such as energy, logistics, maintenance, and food waste
  • Data utilization including the types of data gathered and analyses being conducted
  • Questions around how well data is supporting operations

While navigating data-driven management can be challenging, employing the correct approach can transform it into a game-changing strategy. Building on the success of various case studies in South Korea with GS25 Retail and LG group companies, where S&I SANDI and MAIstro solutions have been integrated within retail operations, S&I and Scenera aim to implement its cutting-edge data management service in businesses on a global scale. Scenera will spearhead the enhancement of its front end, aiming to empower customers with data-driven commercial facility management operations, while S&I will leverage its profound system integration expertise to provide clients with an unparalleled solution.

Organizing data into operational scenes helps improve data-driven analytics

Scenera specializes in the development, distribution, hosting and support of a Software as a Service (SaaS) solution customized for data-driven commercial facility management applications, with its MAIstro branded data management solution focusing on AI-driven data analytics to improve  facility and retail business operations.  Key business benefits and differentiators includes:

  • Event-driven data integration through filtering and ingestion of different types of relevant data readily available from different types of sensors, services or in public into operational Scenes such as SceneMarks for detecting anomaly events from surveillance video cameras, EnergyScene capture the status of real-time energy usage, and MaintenanceScene records current and historical data from equipment and appliances.
  • These scene-based operational data can then be methodically arranged in a cloud data lake, where sophisticated AI analytics are employed to identify anomalies and predict when and what responses and maintenance are performed with corresponding notifications being sent to the operation teams.
  • Armed with AI-driven data collection and analysis, facility managers are equipped to make informed decisions, strengthened by the power of generative AI. This integrated data approach improves operational efficiency and heightens safety and security for occupants.

A global approach: GTM strategy, co-promotion and co-branding

The partnership goes beyond mere product creation, encompassing joint efforts in go-to-market (GTM) strategy, shared promotional activities and co-developed and co-branded initiatives. Together, the collaborators will devise and implement a comprehensive global GTM plan focusing on the flawless melding of their products and services. A key emphasis will be on co-branding, aiming to forge a cohesive identity for their combined solutions and solidify their stance in the international marketplace.

Microsoft endorses this strategic partnership and provides support through its suite of services, including advanced offerings like Azure OpenAI. These resources further enhance the successful integration of SANDI and MAIstro into commercial SaaS solutions for retail operations and facility management services.

Scenera is forging a new standard data platform for the AIoT industry, by combining an open and flexible architecture with an intelligent scene-based data pipeline. The result is a paradigm shift from simple streaming data to rich scene data information that enables new and powerful analytical capabilities. For more information, please visit

As a No. 1 total building solution provider in Korea, S&I Corp. promptly detects and responds to facility management issues such as power outage, leakage, fires, and equipment abnormality through its Integrated Operational Center (IOC). Also, the company has established remote control services enabling optimal building management based on real-time monitoring data of buildings and its sites across the country. It is expected that S&I Corp.’s remote control service will be further developed with the company’s new AI-based building management system.

Lydia You | Scenera, Inc.