AIoT Smart Device Data Management Platform

Scenera is setting a new benchmark to enable AI-distributed video data analysis to zero image surveillance data privacy for the protection and safety of individuals.


A New Standard
for Edge to Cloud AIoT Data Platforms

Scenera is forging a new standard data platform for the AIoT industry, by combining an open and flexible architecture with an intelligent platform. The result is an efficient way to manage and analyze the data generated by connected devices.

Powerful Data Pipeline

Our platform allows the user to analyze and detect events of user’s interests being sensed/recorded by various IoTs. We’ve designed a pipeline that integrates multiple data streams to apply AI analytics for specific events that customers want to detect.

Limitless Scalability

Management of 10 to 10,000 intelligent sensors has never been more simple, efficient, and reliable, Powered by Microsoft Azure and Kubernetes.


Technological Coalescence

Where AI, IoT, 5G and Cloud Meet

Scenera provides end to end orchestration of AI analytics from edge to cloud, optimizing for latency, accuracy, cost and privacy.

Scenera's AI topology manager, Maistro

Scenera's AI Topology Manager

Maximize AI Insights to previously unreachable applications with the latest technological developments in bandwidth, wireless accessibility and network prioritization.

Here at Scenera, we have developed a solution to the growing problem of how to best allocate artificial intelligence (AI) analytics in edge computing.

With the increasing use of Al, the challenge is no longer about which Al to use, but rather where to run the right Al among various devices, bridges, carrier networks, and in the cloud.

Maistro, Scenera’s Al Topology Manager (SATM), helps solve this problem by orchestrating Al across all of these different platforms and ensuring that it is being run in the most optimal location. This helps organizations make the most of their Al investments and ensure that they are able to get the best results possible.

Zero Image Surveillance

Scenera provides an AI Topology Management platform for your IP camera and IoT data processing infrastructure. We remain committed to our Zero-Image philosophy. Nothing is recorded unless you need it. Nothing is stored longer than you want it.


The Leader in Spatial Intelligence for the Modern Building

By connecting existing IoT systems to AI and machine learning, a building owner can more quickly and effectively respond to tenant issues, capturing actionable insights about building operations from large volumes of data. Pay for AI Capabilities, not replacement hardware.

Building Security

Respond to arising issues quickly and effectively.

Occupant Safety

Monitor occupants for intrusion, falling and altercations.

Space Planning

Get in-depth analysis of how physical space is being used and who will use them.

Space Optimization

Make the most effective use of your commercial space to its fullest potential .

Intelligent Industrial Infrastucture

Produce actionable insights and autonomous applications using visual data sets.


Introducing Scenera MAIstro


We Offer a Wide Range of Services and Solutions

Scenera Offers a Platform to Make Managing IoTs Easy and Cost Effective

Scenera’s Al Topology Manager (SATM) orchestrates Al across devices, bridges, carrier networks, and cloud to ensure that it runs in the most optimal location, helping organizations make the most of their AI investments and achieve the best results.

Maistro Dashboard

Web and mobile application for real time alerts and event workflow automation

Big Data Analytics

Business intelligence data reporting to give your organization a way to analyze data sets and gather important information.

Building Safety and Security

Monitor building safety and security for Intrusion, Falling, Altercations, Tailgating, Fire and more.

People Counting

Provides valuable insights into foot traffic patterns, including daily, hourly, and directional flow of individuals entering and exiting your space.

Scenera PaaS

A system designed to orchestrate AI across an entire deployment network. Privacy uncompromised, full customization and scalable capabilities, first of its kind open platform, 5G-Ready

Space Optimization

Get in-depth analysis of how physical space is being used and make the most effective use of your space to improve efficiency, productivity, and overall performance.


What our Clients are Saying About Us

Scenera’s industry-first AI Topology management service utilized by AITRIOS will enable smart building security and safety monitoring capabilities. The offering from our partnership solves many pain points and burdens of CRE customers in AI analytics applications, enabling complete utilization of edge-to-cloud computing infrastructures, as a perfect pair to AITRIOS’s efforts in evolving its partner program.

Eita Yanagisawa

Sr. GM of System Solutions Business Division at
Sony Semiconductor Solutions Corporation

Using a product such as Scenera, which sets up multiple cameras in strategic locations throughout an asset, allows property owners to reduce their human security workforce and deploy those workers in different ways, such as walking the property and interacting with persons in the building rather than simply staring all the time at video monitors.

Matt Tyler

VP of strategic innovation and business development
at Wachter

We realized we would be able to better implement AI and other technologies in an open development system with Scenera.

Heo Jai Ho

Product Owner, S&I

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