Scenera Introduces New MAIstro AI Topology Management (SATM) for AITRIOS™ in Partnership with Sony Semiconductor Solutions at MWC 2023

by | Feb 23, 2023 | News, Press

Scenera, as part of its partnership with Sony Semiconductor Solutions Corporation (SSS), will be showcasing MAIstro AI Topology Manager (SATM) utilized by AITRIOS™, at the Mobile World Congress (MWC) 2023 in Barcelona.

With MAIstro, Scenera a leading AIoT data management company, is shifting the paradigm from simple video streaming to rich scene information, enabling new, powerful analytical capabilities. MAIstro orchestrates AI analytics across the network from the device to the cloud, exploiting edge processing, as appropriate, and allowing for cost-effective, time-sensitive data analytics for commercial real estate and smart buildings.

AITRIOS is an edge AI sensing platform that enables retailers and development partners to deploy visual AI solutions at scale. MAIstro is a key component for AITRIOS,and SSS and Scenera will exhibit its smart building applications and real-time event detection capabilities at its MWC booth, located at Hall 6 CS210 #18.

“Scenera’s industry-first AI Topology management service utilized by AITRIOS will enable smart building security and safety monitoring capabilities,” said Eita Yanagisawa of Sony Semiconductor Solutions Corporation. “The offering from our partnership solves many pain points and burdens of CRE customers in AI analytics applications, enabling complete utilization of edge-to-cloud computing infrastructures, as a perfect pair to AITRIOS’s efforts in evolving its partner program.”

Scenera’s engagement with SSS’s AITRIOS establishes the power of MAIstro as a new and rising force in the mobile and AIoT industry globally. The new service maximizes AI insights with the latest technological developments in bandwidth, wireless accessibility and network prioritization. Scenera utilizes advanced 5G features such as multi-access edge computing (MEC) and traffic prioritization to optimize its solution, which has been deployed on multiple MEC platforms across different carriers. Scenera’s SATM also interacts with emerging CAMARA APIs to advance the deployment of distributed AI algorithms across available computing infrastructure and prioritizes traffic, enabling smart building management applications to utilize 5G networks in highly accurate, yet cost effective ways.

“We’re thrilled to be working with AITRIOS as its cloud service solution partner, especially in the current landscape where customers are looking for AIoT data services that merge image sensor and other types of IoTs to effectively gather event driven data to further enhance and improve business intelligence applications,” said David Lee, CEO of Scenera. “The combination and integration of sensing platforms and cloud services are attractive for customers across different industries. We’re committed to providing optimal solutions that address the growing problem of how to best allocate AI analytics in edge computing.”

Providing a simple, easy-to-use platform that addresses key challenges faced by today’s real estate and smart building industries, Scenera is now deployed globally and has forged deep partnerships with leading system integrators. Scenera and its partner TnM Tech have built a standard data processing platform for existing IP cameras and IoT devices to be used in smart buildings and retail industries—centralizing data management and analysis while offering multiple use cases that deliver value to the building owner, facility manager and occupant. As a solution, existing IoT infrastructure is integrated into an intuitive, user-friendly event dashboard that can identify security threats, safety hazards, occupancy patterns and more.

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Scenera is forging a new standard data platform for the AIoT industry, by combining an open and flexible architecture with an intelligent scene-based data pipeline. The result is a paradigm shift from simple streaming data to rich scene data information that enables new and powerful analytical capabilities. For more information, please visit

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