Charlie has spent 30+ years working for Sony and together with technology companies, established and had been working in many alliances, such as D2B, iLINK(IEEE1394), HDMI, MHL, DIVA, DTV working group, IPTV forum(in Japan), committee for CCITT and others. Charlie experienced based on many different technology area from analogue, digital and network and and developed industry first products and features in many area. Charlie is one of original product designers of Betamax and since then, filed 40+ patents for many innovative features such as, first Auto Clock Set system in U.S. using VBI, EPG(Electric Program Guide) system in Japan. Charlie received Technology and Engineering Emmy Award (HDMI) in 2009 and Niwa-Takayanagi award ITE(Japan) in 2012. Charlie graduated University of Electro Communications, Tokyo, Japan and focused on Electronics Engineering. Charlie is enjoying music and sports games near Tokyo-Dome in Tokyo.


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