Hideki Somemiya

Mr. Hideki Somemiya is Sr. General Manager of System Solutions Business Division at Sony Semiconductor Solutions Corporation since June 2019.  He is also Sr. General Manager of Planning and [...]

Isao Yamamoto

Mr. Isao Yamamoto has been serving as Representative Director in Enterprising Investment, Inc. since November, 2009. He is also serving as Independent Outside Director in Bilcom, Inc. and Nisshin [...]

Zero Image Video Surveillance

The greatest limitation on the deployment of video cameras is not going to be technology but concerns about privacy.  People have legitimate privacy concerns when they see cameras, and we already [...]

Aviram Cohen

Aviram Cohen is a leading video technology expert in the Israeli High-tech and defense industry. His career in the field covers a wide range of activities from software programming to systems [...]

Ed Pak

Ed has spent more than 35 years working for leading technology firms AMD, MIPS/SGI, Sandcraft, Transwarp Silicon Image, Synerchip as a senior technical management team member, striving to bring [...]

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