Scenera is forging a new standard for the surveillance and IP camera market with imaging solution providers. The visionary founders see the paradigm shift from color rich image to information rich scene that enables new and powerful capabilities. Standard compliant smart cameras generate abundant image information for surveillance applications, such as object recognition and detection, location tracking, and etc. Scenera’s goal is to align key industry players with the same vision to create an interoperable ecosystem that will bring a new generation of smart camera.


Scenera is helping to define a new industry standard for intelligent camera capture ecosystem, Network of Intelligent Camera Ecosystem. NICE Alliance focuses on the collaboration across various prominent imaging companies to provide a rich and data driven approach towards the standardization of intelligent imaging.



Camera Module Interface addresses the complexity of modern sensor modules by defining how image capturing control and captured images are transferred between a sensor module and application processors. This interface is interchangeable, therefore have the capability to dynamically re-configure the interface when both wired (or wireless) interconnects are employed via the camera middleware or API. CMI is the process of communication between applications and sensor modules that can be divided into 6 distinct layers: Application, Scene Mode, Capture Mode, Capture Sequence, Data Link and Physical.

SceneMode + SceneData

Scenera is about taking full advantage of machine intelligence in distilling compact, high quality information out of the sea of multimedia. At the heart of its analytics compute architecture lies the versatile use of various A.I. services, tried and true or forthcoming. As everybody knows, A.I. and machine learning capabilities are improving at a breakneck speed. However, we can make it work even better by providing the workflow with pertinent hints about the context in which the sensor data stream gets interpreted.

Middleware + API:
Ecosystem for Scene capturing imaging system

Scenera is developing the standard components for the future that will free the NICE device makers and the app developers alike from the need to scale the full stack. With the future NICE compliant devices, the developers, whether it be for a heavy-duty middleware compute module or an end user app, can focus on the quality of what their code aims to do, not so much on worrying about how all parts will hang together.

Curation of captured scene stream

Scenemark is the bloodstream through the NICE-Scenera workflow. If one were to view the data churning NICE sensor devices, various compute modules in the Middleware as well as the endpoint apps as “agents” or nodes in the Scenera network dedicated to the given SceneMode operation, Scenemarks may be roughly viewed as emails among them. Its primary content would be a high quality extraction of information contained in the mediastream. The Scenemark, however, goes beyond functioning merely as a compact information carrier.

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